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“Bill Schultz worked closely with the HealthMyne team to successfully recruit several strong sales & marketing candidates in 2016. He did his homework on our company and the market and tailored his recruiting to our stringent recruitments. Bill is a thoughtful professional, and I would highly recommend him to your organization.”
– Arvind Subramanian | President & CEO, HealthMyne, Inc

“I have worked with Bill Schultz since 1993 & will not consider dealing with any other third  party placement firm when seeking top level sales and marketing staff despite hundreds of firms engaged in this specific market arena. Bill has helped me at three major high technology firms since that time, and also has been invaluable to many of my corporate recruiter friends and business partners.He is highly ethical, thorough in his approach both to clients and to candidates, represents each professionally, and has consistently brought the best of his profession to the table year in and year out.”
– Charles E. Campbell | Vice President, Human Resources

“What Bill has done best for me is find really good people for jobs with really tough requirements.  You know the recruiting has been done well when it’s the little things that ultimately determine which candidate you choose.”
– Jack Harms | Principal (leading sales & marketing consultant in the Midwest)

“Bush Industries, Inc. utilized Bill Schultz for our new Regional Manager search and effectively delivered the “right fit” candidates with the exact background and experience needed to expand our market share in a brand new region.  Bill would be a great recruiting asset to any organization.  His pre-screening capabilities were spot on and delivered highly qualified candidates every time.  Kudos to Bill for our success and helping us expand in new areas of the country!”
– Wendy Gricius | Vice President, Central & West Regions – Bush Industries

“Over the years we have all worked with search firms and search “professionals”. Few of us have had the real opportunity to work with a personnel expert, the term I use to describe Bill Schultz. As a CEO, when I was in desperate need of a Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Bill was of immense assistance to me by:

  • helping me to figure out the kind of person that I was really looking for, someone who would be an outstanding technical fit and from a human side perspective, someone who would also fit well with the company’s culture
  • bringing before me the kind of candidates that were truly on target to the company’s needs
  • instructing me on some key ideas in terms of structuring and conducting the interview process, and
  • coaching me on how to position the compensation package, to land the candidate and to orient the person to the company.

If there is such a thing as a “values-based” personnel expert, Bill Schultz is the one. You have to trust the person you are using as an outside resource – big time. You will find him trustworthy and more. Not just on a good day. He is good everyday.”
– Gordon Myers | Former VP-Operations, Gordon Flesch Company (Madison, WI)


“When Bill reached out to me I wasn’t really active in the market, but he had really done his homework &had found an excellent match for my skills and experience. Thanks to Bill, I was able to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity and advance my career in a way I never expected.”
– Neal Miller | Healthcare Marketing

“Bill Schultz was instrumental in me landing my dream job in the medical device field. He got to know me, my strengths, and didn’t put me into just anything, he put me into what he knew would be my perfect fit. I went and met him, gave him my resume, and he said once he found the right thing for me he would let me know. Low and behold 2.5 years later I got a call from him at my current job saying, “ I found the perfect fit for you.” This job has all the needs, pay, training and everything I had asked for and he didn’t rush me into something I wouldn’t enjoy or be successful in. Bill truly changed my life and is absolutely amazing at his job. I have recommended him to numerous people and if I’m ever looking for a job switch he will be the first person I turn too.
– Kelly Bartlett | Medical Device Sales

“Bill’s professionalism, expertise and dedication to his craft are unparalleled! That said, most valuable to me was his empathy and encouragement. Bill doesn’t just find a match, he gets to know you and then finds the best match that fits your interests and values as well as your skills and experience.”
– Pete Read | Sales/Operations Management

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