Hidden Job Market

By June 7, 2017 No Comments

These days, people looking for new opportunities first go the Internet to find what job opportunities there are in their area and their industry. The thought is that companies post all their open positions on their website.

The reality is that companies are selective on what job openings to publicize. One reason is that they are planning on replacing an individual who is still with the company. Another is to keep staffing plans confidential and away from competitors’ eyes. Additionally, executive, high-level positions are typically not posted on a website.

Where do companies go to fill confidential openings ? Many times, they lean on the expertise of executive search firms. These firms offer the ability to pro-actively search for and recruit qualified candidates in a controlled, confidential environment.

The conclusion from this is to start a dialogue with search firms/headhunters in your area and your market and make them aware of your experience and success.