Hiring Managers

Successful managers surround themselves with solid performers.

Take the Active Approach to Finding Top Talent

Your main objective is to find the very best candidate available for your key opening. It takes an active approach to find the appropriately qualified person to recruit and hire. You certainly receive or view resumés in high volume from LinkedIn, CareerBuilder or other online job boards as well as your company website. But do you attract the BEST talent? Surveys show that the candidates at the top of their game do not look or respond to online job boards. They are too busy closing business and don’t feel the need to search public postings. But they’re not all happy in their present positions and some are open to new challenges.

At Schultz Management Search, we do it the old fashioned way — we talk to people, as many as possible, that are involved in your industry or who sell to the same clients. We don’t just talk and listen to candidates. We talk to end customers and colleagues as well to find the best talent for your company. We also use the latest technology tools, online data searches, cyber-networking, and Skype interviews. In the end, however, each candidate receives personal, specific evaluation through in-person interviews or phone conference discussions.

Successful managers surround themselves with solid performers. Successful managers are not only good at what they do but also understand how to work with others. As Jim Collins wrote in his best seller, “Good To Great”, managers who want to transform their businesses from good ones to great ones first need to get the “right people on the bus” in order to drive it in the right direction. When faced with an open staff position, a good manager ensures the necessary steps are taken in hiring a new team member.

At Schultz Management Search, our search consultants take the time and effort needed to learn about the company and the manager as much as the job description. Managers who invest the time to discuss their company, their opportunity, and their management style with us find that the candidates we qualify and present are the “right people” for the job.

To better understand and appreciate the thoroughness of our search process, read on. Then call on us to find the candidate that will help build your business.

Schultz Management Search has been successful in helping startup companies recruit and hire senior management talent. We also recruit sales and marketing professionals nationwide involving healthcare IT software, medical equipment, business services, and healthcare marketing. Our mission is to provide exceptional service built on experience, integrity, and industry knowledge.

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“Recruiting quality candidates for successful companies is our core competency.”

– Bill Schultz, President