Quality Recruiters “Know” Their Candidates

By March 27, 2018 No Comments

With the latest trend of using tools like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, corporate recruiters depend on a candidate writing/posting a well-written resume that includes the “key words” that match up with what a posted position calls for. The reality is that a high majority of candidates write inferior resumes that do not fully reflect their background.

When working with a recruiter, whether they are in-house or outside, it is important to ask how much time they have spent talking to a candidate about their background. Quality recruiters write detailed cover notes to hiring managers, as a result of extensive questions asked of the candidate, explaining why they feel the candidates fits the job. Just pulling a resume off Indeed and having a 20- minute phone interview with a prospect is not the best way of screening candidates.

Hiring the right people is critical. So is hiring the best. Depending on online screening tools might get you lots of candidates but are they the best ? Or did you miss on a qualified candidate because h/her did not have the right words in their resume ?