Want A Recruiter To Help You – Personalize It !

By October 25, 2017 No Comments

More often than not, I receive a cover note, along with a resume, with the greeting – “Dear Talent Acquisition Specialist” or “Dear Recruiter”. How lazy is that ? Mass e-mails might go to many people – but with that salutation, most recruiters won’t even read the resume.

Do your research. Find out the name of the owner, manager, or recruiter at the firm you are e-mailing. Begin your e-mail letter with “Dear Mr./Ms. ________ (last name).

The other mistake is when you don’t “bcc”. Why ? Because when the recipient receives your e-mail, they see the whole list of e-mail addresses of the people you are e-mailing. Very impersonal and a turn off to a recruiter. The solution – individual e-mails. More work – yes. Better results – definitely.