“What Concerns/Questions Do You Have About Me….?”

By April 12, 2017 No Comments

If you’ve been through job interviews, you hope that you have “nailed it” and put yourself in the running for a position. But how do you know ?

In prepping candidates for interviews, I tell them that you need to try to surface any questions about yourself, as it relates to the job, on the part of the hiring manager. You do this by asking this question, near the end of an interview, to h/her:

WHAT concerns or questions do you have about me as it relates to the position ?

There are ALWAYS lingering questions about ANY candidate in the minds of any hiring manager. There is no perfect candidate. So you have to assume there are some.

To try to surface those concerns, the key word in your question is “WHAT”. It takes away the ability of the interviewer to give you a “Yes” or “No” answer. Don’t start your question with “Do you”.

The interviewer might not give you an answer. But, if they have interest in you, chances are they will. And, it gives you an opportunity to answer their concerns. It also gives you the opportunity to clarify, or bring out something pertinent that strengthens your candidacy.